About us

At BOATS-NL we combine a love for the sea and the ambition to create unique technologically advanced fully customized aluminum boats and motor yachts.

All hand–built in the Netherlands. Made from aluminum, your boat will offer you and your quests a genuinely luxurious nautical experience.

A  BOATS-NL boat could also serve as a chase boat, fishboat or the finest luxury tender to your superyacht.

We will work closely with our naval architect to ensure a perfect match for you.

You will be assured of a superlative combination of Dutch craftsmanship and design with high–end materials and an eye for innovation.


Our story

We are based in Europe ( The Netherlands ) and America ( Indianapolis ) in addition we have agents in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The company is founded by two Dutchmen; Lex Joon and Joey Bon decided to join forces out of a shared drive for entrepreneurship, a long time experience in doing business and an extensive worldwide network portfolio.


Both our founders share a passion "Drag-racing" which satisfy their need for speed and also created the stage for an unprecedented winner's mentality.

Lex Joon, aka “The Flying Dutchman” emigrated 10 years ago to the USA to pursue his American Dream.

Lex the fastest Dutchman on 4 wheels and his wife Gerda brought their F.I.A. Championship winning Top Fuel racing team to the American nationwide NHRA race tracks.

Their motto is Never Quit which is recognized by close to 30 million American Drag racing fans.


Joey Bon who also has successful years behind him in the sport of Drag-racing  both as an owner and  Top Fuel bike pilot with 6 times national champion and second place in the FIM / UEM European Championships. He is also the founder and engineer of a company that built custom aluminum boats and equipment for luxury mega yachts. 

All boats are made in the Netherlands, a successful format with a strong vision.


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Team work will make the Dream work.